Area Codes in Uganda

Phone numbers from Uganda
are preceded by the +256 country code if you call from outside the country (international)
+256 is part of +2 dedicated to the Telecom Zone "Africa"

Landlines or fixed lines are preceded by 0
if you call from inside the country (national)

followed by

a 2-3 digit area code,
a 4-7 digit subscriber number

Uganda has an open phonesystem
with the lenght of phonenumbers changing from one place to another

Mobile Numbers
Mobil numbers in Uganda
+256 7
followed by mobile subscriber number

Areacodes for the
4 regions of Uganda

Central +256
Western +256
Eastern +256
Northern +256

main cities
Areacodes for the
main cities of Uganda

Arua +256-476
Fort Portal +256-483
Gulu +256-471
Jinja +256-33
Jinja +256-43
Kabale +256-486
Kampala +256-31
Kampala +256-41
Lira +256-473
Maska +256-481
Masindi +256-465
Mbale +256-35
Mbale +256-45
Mbarata +256-485
Mityana +256-36
Mityana +256-46
Mubende +256-464

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